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Wesleyan UniversityData Management and Visualization
Selecting a research questions?


I have selected GapMinder data. It enables me to analyze data across multiple countries.

I am particularly interested in finding out How does Suicide rate relate to employment rate?


It is believed "employment rate" plus variables such as "income" have a negative correlation with the variable "suicide rate". I would like to test with with data analysis.

I will also analyze relationship of Suicide rate with the following variables

1 - Polityscore 
2 - Incomeperperson
3 - Co2emissions

Definition of variables

1- Employrate (2007 total employees age 15+ (% of population)
Percentage of total population, age above 15, that has been employed

during the given year.
2 - Polityscore (2009 Democracy score (Polity) Overall polity score from the Polity IV dataset, calculated by subtracting an autocracy score from a democracy score. The summary measure of a country's democratic and free nature. -10 is the lowest value, 10 the highest.)
3 - Incomeperperson (2010 Gross Domestic Product per capita in constant 2000 US$. The
inflation but not the differences in the cost of living between countries has been taken into account.)
4 - Co2emissions (2006 cumulative CO2 emission (metric tons), Total amount of CO2
emission in metric tons since 1751. CDIAC (Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center)
5 - Suicideper100TH 2005 Suicide, age adjusted, per 100 000 Mortality due to self-inflicted injury, per 100 000 standard population, age adjusted

Literature Search terms

Google scholar - "suicide and unemployment" - "Suicide and income"

Literature References

Suicide and Suicidal Behavior -
GapMinder data -
Unemployment and suicide. Evidence for a causal association? -

Literature Summary

After the research I have found that similar research has been conducted and suggest Un-employment rate will result in increase of suicide rates. I would like to look into this as well as explore other relations suicide rate might have with income,Co2, Polityscore.

I want to see how does suicide rate relates to different variables and take my analysis further by looking how it relates to the combined effect of these variables as well. Moving into predictive analysis and forecasting value of Suicide rate.

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